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Algernon Catchphrase Straps

More general Yu-Gi-Oh! related goods, this time related to classic catchphrases from the TV show as well as stuff from Dark Side of Dimensions.

Yuma: “I’ll be the one to bring it to ’em!”
Shark: “Pisses me off!”
Kaito: “Now, I shall hunt your Numbers!”
Yuya: “It’s time for the real fun to begin!”
Yuto: “Phantom Knights never die!”
Yugo: “My name ain’t Fusion, it’s Yugo!”
Yuri: “You are all quite annoying!”

1200 Yen starting March 2017


Yugi: “I absolute need to get my friends back!”
Kaiba: “It’s not a mere monster! It’s a God!”
Yugi: “Appear! Dark Magician Girl!”
Jounouchi: “My bonds with Yugi crosses dimensions!”
Kaiba: “Burst Stream of Destruction!”
Kudaragi: “Aigami~ You’re quite adorable~”
Aigami: “I invite you to our domain!”

March 2017, 1200 Yen



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