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[ARC-V] Reiji’s New Ace Monsters

You remember Executive Genghis revealed in V Jump. He isn’t an OCG Original Card! (Be fore warned spoilers of upcoming episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V will be revealed)

Weekly Shonen Jump reveals that one of the upcoming Duels is Supreme King Dragon Zarc VS Akaba Reiji (Declan Akaba)

It’s time to settle this once and for all! The Supreme King War reaches its climax!

Yuya’s friends challenged the demonic Duelist one after another, but each fell like flies without being able to lay a finger on Zarc!

Things hit a crisis when even Leo’s secret plan, the tactics that defeated Zarc before, fail a second time around, but Reiji finally Duels at last!

Akaba Reiji takes a stand in a moment of absolute despair, and Yuya’s greatest and strongest rival shows his evolved power!

It’s also introduced that Reiji uses 3 new monsters:

DDD怒涛大王エグゼクティブ・シーザー DDD Dotou Dai-Oh Executive Caesar (D/D/D Wave Emperor Executive Caesar)

DDD烈火大王エグゼクティブ・テムジン DDD Rekka Dai-Oh Executive Temujin (D/D/D Flame Emperor Executive Genghis)

DDD疾風大王エグゼクティブ・アレクサンダー DDD Shippuu Dai-Oh Executive Alexander (D/D/D Gust Emperor Executive Alexander)


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