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[TCG] The Forbidden List isn’t coming out this week.

I was hoping some yugi-tuber or news site would post about this. Then it occurred to me;

I own a news site…

There have been a lot of fake lists popping up. Sites like or or even Fakes of fake lists being posted like and quite honestly, it’s getting to be a bit much. My inbox has been filling with people and yugitubers asking me ‘is this real’ or ‘do you know the list’ and the fact of the matter is, Nobody knows it. We used to be able to get it early because Japan would get it early, and we could translate that. This is no longer the case. You want the ocg list before anyone else (even most people in Japan)? Sure we can do that. The TCG list is known to a grand total of 3 people on this Earth, all three of which would be fired if they said a word about it. It’s not happening.

The list will be available and official at and when it is, we’ll update to let you know. We don’t know when, but it’s more than likely not going to be before March 18th (two weeks before the list launches) so stop asking, stop speculating, and stop scouring the internet for information; there isn’t any.

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