[OrgTube] 75 card FTK in like 400 steps

A solution to a two year old challenge

Back in 2015 some cards had recently gotten limited with new eratta, and some insanely powerful cards came out. A goal to summon Sophia on turn 1 was made, and achieved too rapidly and simply. Trying to summon Sophia and then Shooting Quasar Dragon (creating an auto win lock as quasar would negate whatever they drew) then became the challenge, and it slowly escalated until what seemed like impossibility spawned.

Choose any format, TCG or OCG.
Your decklist must be legal during that format.
Your hand can start with any 5 cards of your choosing.
You must run 60 cards.
Your opponent’s opening hand is 5 blank cards.
You must have 0 cards in your Main Deck when you win the Duel.
You must have 0 cards in your Extra Deck when you win the Duel.
Your opponent must have 0 cards on their field, or in their hand/graveyard when you win the Duel.
You must win on your first turn.
You cannot win by deckout.
Your opponents life points must be 8000 when you win.
You must go first.

In two years only one person was ever able to achieve this that I ever heard about, and when reviewing how he pulled it off, he was exploiting a glitch in one of the automated duel simulators that had added a card early with an incorrect effect (YGOrgnaization didn’t have nearly as much pull back then, and such a problem is always present in automated duel sims)

I spent the last few months trying to adapt his solution into something that would actually be legal, and brainstormed it with some of the other guys. One of the most important pieces was found by Pojos “Lord Bunilla”, so shout out to him. I understand this video is showing off some very old and not even legal cards anymore, so it’s not for everyone, but I still hope you enjoy. The ending is pretty special.

If you guys have any other solutions to the puzzle you can come up with, I’d love to see them! submit them to us over on our facebook page and we’ll feature any that pull it off.