[Duel Links] Rush Duel Cards Preview

Sanokal: “Thanks Mr. Kuripot”

Two new promotional videos were posted regarding the Sevens world implementation in Duel Links. They had early access to the gameplay and showed the unique points of Rush Duels.

One by Pharaohmone.


For our concerns, one portion of the video showed some of the content regarding the 1st Main Box of the Rush Duel Format

Confirmed UR’s as can be seen in this image are as follows;

  1. Sevens Road Magician
  2. Multistrike Dragon Dragias
  3. Kuribot
  4. Dragonic Slayer
  5. Prima Guitarna the Shining Superstar
  6. Yamiruler the Dark Delayer

SRs as can be seen are as follows;

  1. Gravity Press Dragon
  2. Dragonic Pressure
  3. Sevens Road Witch
  4. Spice the Elite Noodle Ninja
  5. Thunder the Thunder
  6. Full Meteor Impact
  7. Phantom Bind
  8. Kimeruler the Dark Raider
  9. Umegumi the Ruler’s Squad
  10. Folder Blitz the Infinite Dream
  11. Berry Bassist
  12. Hammer Crush

Rs as can be seen are as follows

  1. Dark Sorcerer
  2. Mystic Dealer
  3. Dragorite
  4. Twin Edge Dragon
  5. Fire Golem
  6. Sportsdragon Slugger
  7. Sportsdragon Pitcher
  8. Battle Shark Samegalon
  9. Recovery Force
  10. Nandes the Fire Awakener
  11. Innocent Lancer
  12. Lullabind
  13. Dark Magic Attack (Rush Duel)
  14. Masaki the Legendary Samurai
  15. Telepathic Agent
  16. Amusi Performer
  17. Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts (Rush Duel)
  18. Trick Pigeon


Another video by RevzCards.

A lot of Cards can be seen in the Card Inventory in one portion of the video

All the cards, excluding those posted above, are as follows;

  1. UR – Max Raider
  2. UR – Blue-Eyed Silver Zombie
  3. UR – Rice Terrace Secure
  4. UR – Dark Magician Girl (Rush Duel)
  5. UR – Darkness Crested Hawk
  6. UR – Dian Keto the Boogie Master
  7. UR – Lightning Voltcondor
  8. UR – Pierce!
  9. SR – Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress 1 (Rush Duel)
  10. SR – Stone Dragon (Rush Duel)
  11. SR – Celtic Guardian (Rush Duel)
  12. SR – Dragon Knight of Darkness
  13. SR – Luminous Parrot
  14. SR – Torna the Windweaver
  15. R – Flame Champion (Rush Duel)
  16. R – Doriado (Rush Duel)
  17. R – Lesser Dragon (Rush Duel)
  18. R – Water Magician (Rush Duel)
  19. R – Mammoth Graveyard (Rush Duel)
  20. R – Silver Fang (Rush Duel)
  21. N – Crawling Dragon (Rush Duel)
  22. N – Stock the Noodle Ninja
  23. N – Magical Beast Wolfang
  24. N – Blue Medicine
  25. N – Sparks (Rush Duel)

Important to note is the release limit of some of the cards as seen in the images.
It can be confirmed that the following will be Limited to 3 (Only 3 cards among the limited 3 pool of cards can be included in the deck) on release;
UR – Multistrike Dragon Dragias
UR – Yamiruler the Dark Delayer
SR – Torna the Windweaver

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7 thoughts on “[Duel Links] Rush Duel Cards Preview

  • September 26, 2023 at 4:43 pm

    Dragias and Yamiruler limited to 3 in Duel Links.

    Those who played Rush Duels from the beginning: DIVINE JUSTICE!

    At least there will no longer be hybrid Decks with Dragias and Yamiruler at the beginning (I wouldn’t be surprised to see more limits like this in the future)

    The funniest thing here:
    – Dragon Decks get their “Dark Hole at home” with Dragonic Pressure.
    – F for pure Spellcasters Decks. Dark Revelation is not a 1-day option in Rush Duels: which changes things a lot.

    The Level Ups are still missing (It has been confirmed that Yuga receives Accel Wonder Supra, so there are still a handful of extra cards to be revealed)

    • September 26, 2023 at 7:26 pm

      Reddit post as always. How do you manage to write so much and say so little at the same time?

      Forgetting dragoncasters? Did you even play at the beginning? It was a hybrid dragon/spellcaster mix that dominated the meta for a good while (and even now with sevensgias decks but thats besides the point). The yameruler lock was slow up until character pack and only improved from there little by little. Even then it got inched out as time went on.

      There’s barely any support for Yameruler in duel links atm without looking at potential skills yet so that’s out. No “divine justice” there.

      Dragonic Pressure isnt even “dark hole at home” btw.

      Staggers the mind.

  • September 26, 2023 at 5:50 pm

    I appreciate the push from usual Yu-Gi-Oh! influencers by Konami to try to make Rush Duel a thing outside of Asia. I’m afraid that the kiddie aesthetic and hyper focus on Rush compared to Speed format will turn off the audience.
    I do hope people give this format a try – it is surprisingly really fun and complex.
    Rarities aside I am so glad Dragias and Yamiruler start out on the list – both are very intimidating especially with the limited card pool. I also like the push for Dragonic Slayer with the new Skill and MRP2 support to compensate for Dragias being on the list as an alternative boss for Dragons.
    Some of the rarities do concern me though. Celtic and Winged Dragon are both SR when they are weaker than Gazelle and Masaki, both R. Especially as the game will evolve beyond Level 4 vanilla beatdown, it feels like a weird kick in the shin for anyone coming in from Master/Speed Duel to see DM nostalgia cards overvalued.

  • September 26, 2023 at 6:04 pm

    I hadn’t thought about it at first, but there are not a lot of Spell cards, and almost no Trap cards in this first set. Jar of Greed is the only one I’d identified, which is pretty underwhelming as a Trap.

    • September 26, 2023 at 10:20 pm

      Most Spells/Traps even during the earliest days of the game are very niche or only work with a specific deck due to Type, Attribute, and Level restrictions on their requirements. There also just weren’t as many Spells/Traps printed as monsters in the first few sets (about 15-20 cards for both combined for a 50-60 card set).
      Generic Spells/Traps that were actually good were very hard to come by. If the game is trying to invite new or seasoned players into the Rush format, the last thing we need are niche cards like One-Side Reverse or Double Block that nobody would ever use. Most modern staples just aren’t here yet.
      Once we get more characters, their corresponding cards will also be made available in Duel Links.

  • September 26, 2023 at 11:23 pm

    I’m not surprised they’re holding off on Dark Revelation for now. Possibly for as long as they can.

    Based on how they evolved with designed cards in early Rush Duel, the feeling was evident that they felt making Dark Revelation as they did was a big mistake.

    • September 27, 2023 at 8:08 am

      Yeah, given the fact that it is a Mirror Force for Spellcasters in the first inception of RD. Should be a sign for Konami that they should and will be extra careful when they releasing cards in the Sevens World for DL.

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