New Site Article Series – Column K

We’re starting up a new article series here at the Org!

Let’s begin with an introduction. I’m K, one of the lesser members of the Organization and arguably one of the most geographically isolated members of the team. Those who haven’t heard of me don’t need to worry, since I’m technically irrelevant to the metagame.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about how the “Column K” series is going to work. In what I hope will be the start of a regular series of articles that covers the YGO franchise, I’ll be dealing with a variety of subjects ranging from the card game to the anime, and even the dynamics of the franchise itself.

These will be more of an expression of personal opinion rather than cold hard news, so just relax and enjoy the ride. And if you’re bored…well you’re free to pay attention to all the other stuff we put up! Or go do something else, I guess? Though I’d appreciate it if you checked out some of our other stuff.

Now, as I’ll be covering a wide range of subjects, time to set some rules and make a few promises regarding how I’ll be doing this. For starters, I’ll put up an article every two weeks barring any unfortunate circumstances. Seeing as how these will be mostly periodical columns, they’ll be a bit more personal in nature and less restrictive in comparison to some of the other we have on the site, but for the most part will relate to the game itself or the current state of the franchise.

Worst case scenario, if I have absolutely no time or no material to write about, I’ll announce a break the week beforehand so you can save yourself the trouble. At the very least, you won’t see me writing about hygiene and how it can affect player psychology. Not unless I have hilarious game-altering statistical data that makes you laugh like a hyena having sex with 50cc of Joker Venom injected into it, anyways.

I’ll also be doing weekly YGO episode reviews in addition to my usual fare. Every week, I’ll be reviewing the last episode of the anime to have been aired in Japan, usually a day or two before the next episode airs. These will serve as refreshers for those who want to keep up with the anime’s increasingly convoluted plot, in addition to serving as summaries and clarification for those who don’t have subs.

And if you guys have any subject matter you’d like for me to talk about, or any criticisms you’d like to make or hell, any other problems you’d like to address, feel free to leave comments and I’ll see what I can do!

The rants and reviews begin next week, with a piece on Shueisha and its role in the franchise.

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