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[TCG] More NECH-EN Cards Leaked

Stuff from the core set that people should be interested in…

Update: More cards revealed, Frightfur Bear also has Laser Scissors.

Everyone’s favorite Necloth Tech.

Apparently someone in Konami has a vendetta with magical monster scissors. (Even the Korean Art for this was edited.) Have there been problems with kids and scissors in recent years?

El Shaddoll Fusion and the EARTH-Attribute El Shaddoll.

Number 99: Utopic Dragon

SZW – Fenrir Sword

Ruffian Railcar

Jiaotu, Darkness of the Yang Zing

Frightfur Bear

Fluffal Bear

Note, Toypot is now Toy Vendor

Unmasked Dragon

Draw Muscle

Naturia Sacred Tree

Superheavy Samurai Scales

Fluffal Rabbit

Peformapal Trampolynx

First of the Dragons

Dododo Driver

Guiding Light

Shogi Lance


Source: /dng/ on 4chan’s /vg/


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