[SEVENS] The New Mechanic! And A New Monster Type!

A new twist on an old classic mechanic!

フュージョン Fusion
Normal Spell Card
[Requirement] None
[Effect] Send  face-up monsters you control to the Graveyard as materials for a Fusion Summon.

Unlike Fusion Summon in the Official Card Game/Trading Card Game, which is dubbed 融合召喚 (Yuugou Shoukan), Rush Duel’s version of the mechanic is calledフュージョン召喚 (Fusion Shoukan). So similar but not quite the same thing.

Yuo’s Fusion based Ace Monster, name currently unknown, is cited by Guruguru/”Swirly” as being a “Cyborg-Type” (サイボーグ族 Cyborg Zoku) monster. As in compared to a Machine-Type or Cyberse-Type.

We’ll list further information on Rush Duel’s Fusion Summoning and the Cyborg-Type as it becomes available!

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