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More Kaiba Corporations Store Goods Announced

via Yu-Gi-Oh.JP

Chain Destruction Accessory

A metal charm accessory styled after “Chain Destruction” used by Yami Yugi. It’s a charm accessory that is meant to be attached to bags and purses.

Size: Card (20mm x 29mm); Charm (350 mm)
Materials: Zinc Alloy; Iron; Brass
Price: 2750 Yen
Release Date: February 21st, 2022 (sic 2021)

Graceful Dice & Skull Dice Rubber Key Holder

2 Rubber Key Holders based on the Spell & Trap Cards “Graceful Dice” and “Skull Dice” used by Jounouchi Katsuya (Joey Wheeler).

Release Date: February 21st, 2022
Price: 1430 Yen
Size: W 75 mm x H 60 mm
Materials: ATBC-PVC & Iron

Destiny Board Metal Magnet

An metal magnet item based on the card “Destiny Board” used by Yami Bakura. Maintaining the concept of the Ouija Board esque “Destiny Board”, making it a quality item! Since the silver piece is a magnet, you can move it around.

Release Date: February 21st, 2021
Price: 1650 Yen
Board (Base: W 89mm x H 69 mm x T 5 mm, Top: W 80 mm x H 60 mm)
Piece (W 30 mm x H 37 mm x T 3 mm; Hole: 9 mm)
Materials: Zinc Alloy, Iron, Magnets


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