More Information About The Go Rush!! Cast

You know, those guys look awfully familiar!

Quirky Characters: … Haven’t We Seen Them Somewhere Before!?

Ms. Maki (Maki-san)
Mr. Yagi (Yagi-san)
Mr. Tazaki (Tazaki-san)

Mr. Tazaki, a veteran employee who’s been with UTS since the previous CEO.
Mr. Yagi, who treats the twins with delicious Yakitori.
Ms. Maki, who gracefully handles watering (the plants?) at the company.

These three are the adult employees who work for UTS (Ultraterrastrial Trouble Solutions), firmly supporting the elementary school age twins who run the company.

The Aliens Invading One After Another

Kawai Tell: He’s Connected To Yuhi Somehow!?
Zweijo: Yudias’ former commending officer!
Chupataro: An Alien Obsessed with Strength!?

The mysterious Chupataro and Kawai Tell who is typically wet and drenched, are among the aliens that appear in Mutsuba Town. Also among their number is Zweigo, a warrior from the Velgear Star Cluster, who is apparently an extremely skilled Duelist!?


Tell might be named after Tells, mounds found in the Middle East of civilizations built on top of each other, but his name also sounds like “I’m thirsty”, which I think is more likely. I think he’s based on a Kappa?

Chupataro is named after the Chupacabra.

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