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[Merchandise] Yu-Gi-Oh! Business Item Series

For the real adult fan who loves Yu-Gi-Oh! a ton.

遊戯王ビジネスアイテムシリーズ Yu-Gi-Oh! Business Item Series

Orders Begin September 21st, 2021

Maker: Bandai

Neck Ties
(2 Different Designs)
Price: 4,400 Yen

Neck Tie Pins
(2 Different Designs)
Price: 4960 Yen

Business Card Holder
(2 Different Designs)
Price: 2979 Yen

Tissue Pouch
Price: 1650 Yen

Coin Purse Card Case
(2 Different Designs)
Price: 2750 Yen

Source: V Jump


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