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[Merchandise] KaibaCorporation Store producing product featuring Sojiro Oki

But did I get his name in the correct order…?

The KaibaCorporation Store have unveiled products featuring guitarist Sojiro Oki from the band Novelbright. Oki-san was previously a guest at JumpFesta 2021 for the Master Duel exhibition.

Sojiro Oki acryillic stand (1850 yen/$14.44 USD)

Sojiro Oki multi-caseĀ (1540 yen/$12.02 USD)

The article also states that silhouette T-shirts in sizes S, M, and L (4,950 yen/$38.62 USD) pick-style key chains (990 yen/$7.72 USD) and tin badge sets (880 yen/$6.87 USD) are all available, though they did not provide images.

In addition, more King’s Memory/Dawn of the Duel product was revealed.

Thermochromic glasses, cartouche and Millennium Items patternsĀ (1870 yen/$14.59 USD, changes colour at low temperatures)

Kuriboh stickersĀ (880 yen/$6.87 USD, 40 stickers per pack)

Acryllic stands

  • Price: 880 yen/$6.87 USD each
  • Size: approx. 80mm x 60mm x thickness 3mm/3.15 x 2.36 x 0.12 inches
  • Material: Acrylic

Metal Egyptian God cards

  • Price: 19,250 yen/$150.20 USD
  • Size: approx. 89mm x 127mm x thickness 3mm/3.5 x 5 x 0.12 inches
  • Material: Zinc alloy

The article also stated that trading metal can badges (6 types, 770 yen/$6.01 USD), stone board stickers (440 yen/$3.43 USD) and similar goods are now available, but also tells the reader to check the homepage after 12:00 on April 21st (Japan time) for details.