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[Duel Links] Structure Deck EX Added & Structure Deck Sale

“Masters of Chaos” has been added to the Shop, a deck that strengthens your Dark Magician with Ritual & Fusion Summoning.

  • Structure Deck Sale
  • Masters of Chaos – Recommended Cards
  • Example of Combos


Sale available from Sept 26 to Oct 8.

Structure Deck

Sorcerer’s Alliance

Draconic Force

Legendary Warriors

HERO Rising

Destiny Rulers

Draconic Knights

Synchro Connection

Swordbound Silence

Return of the Red-Eyes

Structure Deck EX 

(purchase limit 1)

Spellbound Silence

The White Dragon of Legend

Ancient Gear Awakening

Neos Fusion

Full Metal Desperado


New Structure Deck EX: “Masters of Chaos”

A video that shows how to use this new Structure Deck is also available here.

Recommended Cards

“Magician of Chaos” [UR]

“Dark Cavalry” [UR]

Example of Combos

Magician of Chaos + Power of the Guardians

22 different types of Cards (3 UR, 5 SR, 9 R, and 5 N). A total of 23 Cards (Main Deck: 21 Cards/Extra Deck: 2 Cards).