[Master Duel] Tryout Duel: Rental Competition 5

Chaos, Vaylantz, Dracoslayer.

For this Tryout Duel, you can pick one of the loaner Decks available, built around the themes introduced in the Rage of Chaos pack. You cannot use your constructed Decks for this event, and you can change which loaner you use for each Duel. By winning 3 Matches, you can obtain 1 pack of Rage of Chaos.

Chaos Angel:

“A Deck based around LIGHT and DARK “Chaos” monsters. Prepare to Synchro Summon by sending “Chaos Witch” to the Graveyard or banishing it, depending on the situation. From there, you can Synchro Summon “Chaos Angel,” putting you in a strong position. By brushing off effects and being indestructible in battle, you’ll overwhelm your opponent!”

The Needle that Marks Victory

“Many “Vaylantz” monsters have effects that trigger if their zone is changed. “Arktos XII – Chronochasm Vaylantz” has the effect of changing a monster’s zone not only on your turn but also on your opponent’s turn, so you can try to activate various effects depending on the situation. Enjoy the unique playstyle of controlling which zones monsters are in and dominating the field.”

The Three Dracoslayers

“With three “Dracoslayer” monsters at its core, this Deck is designed to Summon powerful monsters. First, try to Synchro Summon “Ignister Prominence, the Blasting Dracoslayer.” With its effect, Special Summon a “Dracoslayer” monster from your Deck, and then Link Summon “Beyond the Pendulum.” After that, Pendulum Summon powerful monsters!”

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