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[Master Duel] The Shop

The next pack you buy may or may not have the release date.

The latest video on Master Duel shows various aspects of the shop.

One of the first things we see is that there’s a new pack called “Stalwalt Force”, which costs the same as the Master Pack. There seems to be different categories of packs including a “Bonus Pack” and an unknown category.

These two packs seem to cost the same (at least in this development build) with 1 pack for 100 gems, and 10 packs for 1000 gems with a guaranteed Super Rare in the latter.

And a new feature we’re learning about is that preconstructed Structure Decks will also be available, with this one costing 500 gems.

Finally we get to see the accessories. I don’t think there’s any news here. In these captures, the accessories have already been purchased, for just for reference, in the Jump FESTA video, the costs were:
Fields (Volcano): 400 gems
Sleeves (Trishula): 100 gems
Icon (Ecclesia) : 50 gems
Mate (Dark Magician): 300 gems

Of course all of these could change in the final build.


The next video will be revealed on Wednesday the 19th.

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