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[Master Duel] More Details from JUMP Festa


Some further information has been revealed in the newest trailer for Master Duel that premiered during the Sunday stream of JUMP Festa 2022.

You can carry your data across multiple devices.


As reported previously, events and tournaments will be held using a variety of regulations (most likely meaning F/L lists but perhaps other limitations).
The top room with the rabbit logo reads “Standard” and the one below “Duel Room, can be used”

“Aim to be the #1 player in the world using your most favorable regulation”


“By using the connection with the Card Database you can check the Deck Recipes from Duelists from all over the world!”

As previously reported, you can draw initial 5-card hands of your Deck, and the second pic shows that you can keep drawing the next card over and over by pressing the +1 button on the bottom right.

You can dismantle and craft cards.

The value on the left side is how many cards are being dismantled and the one in the right how many copies the player will have left.
The 70>100 value is a system of points, in this case for Super Rare cards, increasing to 100 after this dismantling. At the top you can see there are values for Commons, Rares, and Ultra Rares as well.

This is the card creation screen. This Super Rare copy of Twin Twister is being created using the Super Rare points that were previously increased by dismantling Super Rare copies of Pot of Desires. The values are +10 while dismantling and -30 to craft, so you would need 3 Super Rare cards to craft 1 new one (assuming they all cost the same when the game releases).

An important note is the warning at the top. It talks about how this crafting in particular will create a “basic” design. Then it mentions that there is a chance that you may get a different design. “加工” (what we’re translating as “design”) here can potentially mean the card foiling that it has in-game, but we have no further information so this could very well mean something else entirely. The way it reads right now is that you could randomly get an even cooler looking card.

Solo play:

As mentioned earlier, there’s a solo mode with stories based on the card illustrations, which doubles as a tutorial. This also confirms that by clearing some of them, you can obtain some cards, in this case a Monarch Structure Deck.


This screen shows how you can purchase “Master Packs”. The menu reads:
>Detailed information
>Rates (how hard it is to pull each card)
>Forbidden/Limited List
>Cards included in the pack

1 Pack can be purchased for 100 gems, 10 packs can be purchased for 1000. If 10 packs are purchased, you are guaranteed to get 1 SR or higher. This pack contains 8 cards.
(These values may be only for this particular pack)

There are many different card packs.

Note the keys popping up on top of the SR and UR cards…

New Card Packs can be unlocked depending on certain cards you pull. The pictures on the right margin are “Secret Packs”.

Fields, Sleeves, Icons and Mates can also be purchased at the stores by apparently some currency.

Check the Master Duel trailer for some animated visuals.

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