[Master Duel] Tearlaments Cometh

With a number of asterisks.

The newest Selection Pack for Master Duel, “Blessings of Nature”, has been announced. It will include “Vernusyplph”, “Amazoness” and “Melffy” cards, as well as the anticipated “Tearlaments” cards. The only contents announced so far are that Vera the Vernusylph Goddess and Tearlaments Rulkallos will be UR cards.

Additionally, the Forbidden/Limited List update for April 10th will include these additional pre-emptive limitations of some Tearlaments cards:

Newly Limited:
Tearlaments Kitkallos
Primeval Planet Perlereino

Newly Semi-Limited:
Tearlaments Havnis
Tearlaments Merrli
Tearlaments Scheiren

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One thought on “[Master Duel] Tearlaments Cometh

  • April 7, 2023 at 9:09 am

    I still don’t think that’s enough to keep them from being tier zero, we all saw what happened in the ocg

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