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[Master Duel] Starry Knight Solo Mode and New Accessories

Happy Holidays! Now engage in consumerism.

-Daily Mission Improvements
Two daily missions have been replaced:
“Inflict 8000 damage on your opponent” and “declare 2 attacks on monsters” have now become “Fusion/Pendulum/Link Summon a monster 3 times” and “Ritual/Synchro/Xyz Summon a monster 3 times”. The amount of gems, 40, has not changed.

-New Accessories
Protector: Tri-Brigade

“Protectors that depict a group who overcame their differences to become friends. For those who send forth the roaring Tri-Brigade to secure tranquility.”

Price: 100 Gems

Icon Frame: Festive Ornament

“An Icon Frame in the shape of a circular decoration, which can be seen in a certain region as the year draws to a close. They are hung with the sincere wish for happiness and joy in times to come.”

Price: 60 Gems

Wallpaper: Tri-Brigade Shuraig the Ominous Omen

“The leader of the “Tri-Brigade,” volunteer troops who accept anyone regardless of background. He descends into combat in his sturdy battle suit of steel.”

Price: 250 Gems

-New Solo Mode: Starry Knight

“The angelic white-winged Starry Knights” fight by utilizing the power of “Starry Night, Starry Dragon,” which descends from the hand. Their story is one of a battle waged in secrecy, passed down through legends told throughout countless ages.”

By clearing this Solo Mode, you can obtain:
-350 LIGHT Orbs
-3 copies of Seiyaryu
-3 copies of Enchanted Javelin

-1 Starry Night, Starry Dragon Protector/Sleeve
-1 Starry Night, Starry Dragon Icon
-2 Legacy Pack Tickets
-200 Gems

“Protectors that depict a resplendent dragon that shines like a thousand stars. For those who strive to live an upstanding life, to be worthy of its blessing.”

“An Icon depicting a white dragon said to appear on only the most auspicious of nights. It torches the wicked with its cleansing flame.”