[Master Duel] New F/L Announced and Other Things

More housekeeping before October 10th.

-Change in the Sales Period of Selection Packs:
The sales period for the Rage of Chaos pack (the pack with Chaos Angel, the first batch of Kashtira, Dracoslayers, Chaos cards, etc.) has been extended for another 20 days, so instead of ending on October 10th, it will end on October 30th (time zones applying).

-Tryout Duel: Double Deck 2 is now live
Much like its previous iteration, for this Tryout Duel you will have to create 2 Decks, one for going first, and one for going second, and your Deck for each Duel will be selected according to who goes first. After winning 3 times, you will obtain a pack of the newest set, Galactic Evolution.

-New Selection Pack announced: Flames of Fury
“The flames of anger burn the world! In addition to the fully activated “Kashtira,” the additional cards for “Gishki,” and the new “Rescue-ACE” force are also noteworthy!”

The following cards are confirmed for the pack:
Rescue-ACE Turbulence (UR)
Tearlaments Kashtira

Evigishki Neremanas (UR)
Prediction Princess Taroteith (UR)

Kashtira Arise-Heart (UR)

Pressured Planet Wraitsoth
Triple Tactics Thrust (UR)

The pack will be releasing on October 10th (time zones applying).

Additionally, the following cards will be Limited upon release:
Tearlaments Kashtira

Pressured Planet Wraitsoth

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