[Master Duel] New Duelist Cup Plus WCS 2024 Info

Many things to be confirmed later.

The October 2023 Duelist Cup will be held from October 17th to October 30th, with the 2nd Stage starting on October 27th (timezones applying).

This Duelist Cup will be the start of the 2024 season to qualify for the World Championship Finals. There are 3 methods to qualify this season, but the details are not finalized so a number of things could change it the future. Additionally, the winner team of the previous season, team snipehunters, will also be qualified to participate.

The first method to qualify is by being the top player(s) of the World Championship Qualifier in your area. The winners will be the leaders of a team representing their area.

The second method is to be one of the top ranking players of the 2nd Stage of the Duelist Cups that will be held through the season, three times in total, including this October 2023 cup. These winners will also be leading a team.

The third method is by being one of the high-ranking players in terms of season points. The season points are a new system that will be awarded to the top ranking players in both the 2nd Stage of the Duelist Cups and the World Championship Qualifiers. The points are awarded to individuals, but the rankings will be based on the total points of the three team members. The top team after the World Championship Qualifiers will receive the invite to the World Championship Finals. The points will reset after the end of the World Championship. More info as to how the points will be awarded will be explained on October 17th when the Duelist Cup begins.

The details and tournament structure of the World Championship 2024 are still under consideration, so the number of teams may change. Finally, the 3 qualification methods (as well as the winners of the previous World Championship) “shall not overlap”.

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