[Master Duel] Master Rank Introduced

Platinum is the new Gold.

With the beginning of Season 18 of Ranked Duels (for the month of June), the rank of Master has been introduced above the Diamond Rank. Additionally, the following changes have been introduced:

-You are no longer demoted for losing matches in Gold Rank (like in the Rookie and Silver Ranks).
-Gold Rank requires more wins for promotion.
-Platinum Rank now requires more losses to be demoted.
-The rewards for Diamond/Platinum have been shifted to the Master/Diamond Ranks.

For that last point, the rewards are now as follows:
Platinum Rank: 200 Gems for advancing from Gold tier 1 to Platinum tier 5, then 100 gems for each tier of Platinum Rank.
Diamond Rank: 250 Gems for advancing from Platinum tier 1 to Diamond tier 5, then 150 gems for each tier of Diamond Rank.
Master: 300 Gems for advancing from Diamond tier 1 to Master tier 5, then 200 gems for each tier of Master Rank.

There have been no details as to what happens to your rank once the season ends for those in Master Rank.

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One thought on “[Master Duel] Master Rank Introduced

  • June 21, 2023 at 11:55 am

    Do you get demoted from masters V if you lose?

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