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[Master Duel] March 28th Update

Vote for Sweet Meteor of Death 2023.

-New Bundle Deal: “Nibiru the Primal Being” Set

“A special Set that includes 10 Master Packs (guaranteed to have at last 1 SR) and 1 bonus UR card, “Nibiru the Primal Being.” When your opponent Normal or Special Summons 5 or more monsters during a turn, you can use “Nibiru, the Primal Being” to Tribute every face-up monster on the field to Special Summon it. This powerful card can stop your opponent’s strategy dead in its tracks! Why not add it to your Deck and see can it can do for yourself?”

Price: 750 gems

-New Solo Mode: “Where the World Legacy Leads”

“With the fall of “World Legacy – “World Wand”” the Guardragons awaken, and the advent of the “Great Darkness” draws closer. Will Auram’s choices change where the “World Legacy” will lead us?

By completing this Solo Mode, you can obtain:
-3 copies of Guardragon Shield
-3 copies of Orcustrated Release
-3 copies of Guardragon Reincarnation
-3 copies of World Legacy Collapse
-3 copies of World Legacy Cliffhanger
-3 copies of Guardagon Corewakening
-3 copies of Guardragon Justicia
-3 copies of World Legacy – “World Ark”
-3 copies of World Legacy Bestowal
-3 copies of World Reassembly
-3 copies of The World Legacy
-3 copies of “World Legacy – World Key”

-1 Longirsu, the Orcust Orchestrator Icon
-1 pack of Mekk-Knight Crusadia Avramax Protectors/Sleeves
-1 pack of Dingirsu, the Orcust of the Evening Star Protectors/Sleeves
-1 Dingirsu, the Orcust of the Evening Star Icon
-1 World Legacy – “World Key” Mate Base
-1 Mekk-Knight Crusadia Avramax Icon
-1 A New Life – Galatea Mate
-200 gems

“An Icon depicting a young man whose determination to fight for his sister lead him astray after she lost her life. He has long lost sight of what’s right in his pursuit for an answer. But perhaps
he doesn’t care, as long as he can fulfill his heart’s one wish.”

“A Protector with the design of a warrior who rallied the power of the World Legacy to awaken as the protector of the planet. For those who fight against the odds, but never forget your honest heart.”

“A Protector with the design of a brother who wished for his sister that became the mighty deity with his greatest forgery. For those who are determined to take the step when the time has come.”

“An Icon depicting a machine deity wielding a mighty spear. Its blow is not for redemption, but to show its new resolve.”

“A Stand where a single sword had appeared after the world reset. One day, it shall be entrusted to someone with a strong desire for peace throughout the lands.”

“An Icon depicting a knight wielding the sword with the power of the “key.” Swings of this sword can destroy the Great Darkness, and brings closure to this war.”

“A fairy offering prayers for peace. It was a mechanical doll born during the battle over the World Legacy, and after the planet regenerated, its devotion to its master brought it to life. It will forever remain by the side of the knight who protects the planet.”

-New accessories
–Monster Art: The World Legacy

“Faint light emanates from “World Legacy – World Key”.” Where could it be leading you?”
Price: 250 gems

–Protector: The World Legacy

“Protectors depicting a fair maiden and a dragon living in a new world. For those who ponder what has been, and what will be, under the beautiful starlight.”
Price: 100 gems

–Protector: Witchcrafter Vice-Madame

“A Protector featuring a design of the Witchcrafters acting on behalf of the Guild Master. For those who overcome grave responsibilities by working together with others.”
Price: 100 gems

-New Selection Pack: Passage of the Sun

“Time passes as the sun makes its journey, and new forces weave new stories… In addition to hot new cards that strengthen “The Winged Dragon of Ra,” “Krawler” has changed its appearance in the new world, “Witchcrafter” has a new guild master, and the new “Mayakashi” will be depicted in the continuing tale of “Ghost Meets Girl.”

UR (13/85):

SR (17/85):

R (20/85):

N (35/85):

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