[Master Duel] July 13th Update

She’s finally here.

-Pre-Release Cards from certain Structure Decks:
The following cards, which used to be exclusive to certain Structure Decks, will now be available in the Master Pack. Consequently, you can also obtain them as the first 4 cards in a Secret Pack as well.

–SD Spellbook of Prophecy:
Spellbook of Judgment (UR)

–Burning Spirits:
Decode Talker Heatsoul (UR)
Mad Hacker (R)

Immortal Glory:
Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon Lord (UR)
Skeletal Dragon Felgrand (UR)
Immortal Dragon (SR)
Zombie Reborn (SR)
Changshi the Spiridao (SR)
Mad Mauler (R)
Alghoul Mazera (R)
Haunted Zombies (R)
Devouring Sarcophagus (N)

-New Secret Pack: The Trap in the Wicked Castle

“”Lovely Labrynth of the Silver Castle” has set elaborate traps in her castle and awaits visitors. Those who step into her realm will either see an immensely beautiful princess… or a cursed board that points to a fate of despair.”

This new secret pack will be unlocked until August 29th (time zones applying), and after that, it can be unlocked by obtaining SR or UR cards from it, either from a pack or crafting them, like any other Secret Pack. Additionally, you get 1 free pack as part of a special campaign, available until the same deadline.

UR (7/40):

SR (9/40):

R (12/40):

N (12/40):

-New Accessories:
–Mate’s Base: Summer Trace of the Thunder God

“A Stand placed with the forgotten belongings of the Thunder god, who enjoyed their everlasting summer vacation. Sunglasses and snorkels can perhaps be forgotten about, but what about the thunderclouds?”
Price: 100 Gems

–Protector: Traptalizing Tune

“A protector that depicts creatures lurking in the forest, luring and bewitching their prey. For those who subtly and cleverly set dangerous traps behind to hunt effectively.”
Price: 100 Gems

–Protector: Reign-Beaux, Overking of Dark World

“A protector that depicts an entity of the Dark World that acquired power that matches the Dragon Lords. For those that punish the unjust and be righteous even in a world of of thunder-ridden darkness.”
Price: 100 Gems

–Icon: Lady Labrynth of the Silver Castle

“An Icon depicting the lord of a silvery-white castle, clad in beautiful armor. In response to the visitors who overcome their myriad of clever traps, they must confront them on their own.”
Price: 50 Gems

–Icon Frame: Evil Eye of Selene

“An Icon Frame that is reminiscent of a mask that awakens the power imbued in its eyes and invites the wearer into further darkness. When the waning moon is full, the king will truly be the ruler of darkness.”
Price: 60 Gems

-New Selection Pack: Dreaded Conspiracy

“The “Generaider” that waits beyond the regional kings to be vanquished; the traps of the “Traptrix” that lure prey with skillful mimicry; the Dragon Overlord who descends upon the thundering “Dark World”‘ the princess of the “Labrynth” who greets intruders with strategy’ the musketeers of the “Magikey” who have gained the power of a higher demon…all that have gained new powers, and ready to unleash mayhem! Solve their tricks and seize the victory!”

UR (13/85):

SR (17/85):

R (20/85):

N (35/85):

Additionally, the following card has been stealth-added to the Legacy Pack:

Stars Align across the Milky Way (SR)

Happy late Tanabata.

EDIT: Apparently there’s a second card that was stealth-added to the Legacy Pack: Han-Shi Kyudo Spirit (R)

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