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[Master Duel] January 10th Update

Surprise! Sky Strikers outta nowhere.

-Update to Secret Pack
The Secret Pack “Singular Strike Overthrow,” which contains Sky Striker and Mathmech cards has been updated. The following cards have been added:
Surgical Striker – H.A.M.P.
Mathmech Circular
Sky Striker Mobilize – Linkage!


The Secret Pack will be unlocked at the store until February 14th.

-New Solo Mode: Myutant Mutation

“Researchers have discovered mysterious creatures from outer space called “Myutant.” As the mysteries of their biology are unraveled, they continue to evolve with both speed and diversity. It is quite possible that this creature has already grown past humanity’s ability to control it.”

By clearing this Solo Mode, you can obtain:
-300 WATER Orbs
-150 FIRE Orbs
-150 WIND Orbs
-3 copies of Myutant Mutant (available for the first time in Master Duel)

-2 Legacy Pack Tickets
-1 Myutant Mutant Icon
-1 Myutant GB-88 Icon
-1 Pack of Myutant Ultimus Protectors/Sleeves
-200 Gems

“An Icon depicting the first Myutant that fell from outer space. This first encounter with the mysterious entity marks the beginning of the end…”

“An Icon depicting one of the Myutants that was raised in a laboratory. the outstretched tentacles are about to go on a rampage, to further its evolution.”

“Protectors that depict a creature that has reached its evolutionary peak. For those who strive for excellence in everything they do.”

-New Accessories
Duel Field: Myutant Evolution Lab

“A field with a laboratory designed to analyze creature that have come from the outer reaches of space. The myutant incubators, the network of bulging pipes, and the fluid spilling out over the bottom of the field suggest that some rather aberrant research is occurring here.”
Price: 600 gems

Protector: Therions “King” Regulus

“Protectors with an image of a lion construct that continues to fihht in the Iron Country’s colosseum. For those worth of the title “king,” who strive to maintain their formidable rank.”
Price: 100 gems

-New Selection Pack: Heroic Warriors
“New archetypes are available! Try out either “Therion,” which focuses on equipping yourself before battle, or “Libromancer,” which combines the strength of the monsters on your field with powerful Ritual Summons! Be on the look out for new and powerful Warrior-Type cards for the “Heroic” archetype, which commands Xyz Summons, and the “Vendread” archetype, which excels at Ritual Summons from beyond the Grave!

UR (13/85):

SR (17/85):

R (20/85):

N (35/85):

-New Selection Pack: Recollection of the Story
“Yu-Gi-Oh! MASTER DUEL’s first anniversary is fast approaching. This Pack revisits some of the fascinating cards whose stories were introduced in Solo Mode, including the “Monarch” and “Beetrooper” archetypes.”

UR (13/85):

SR (17/85):

R (19/85):

N (36/85):

Furthermore, the following cards have been stealth-added to the Legacy Pack:
Transmission Gear

Light Law Medium
Motor Frenzy

Backup Team

Colonel on C-String

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