[Master Duel] Extra Missions, Ghostrick Solo, New Cosmetics

Halloween arrives right in time for Thanksgiving.

New missions have been added for the Anti-Spell Festival:
Win a Duel (10 times)
Destroy a card (10 times)

Completing each of these missions will award 100 gems each, for a total of 200 gems.

-New Cosmetics
Wightbaking Mate

“A Skull Servant who loves to roast sweet potatoes over an open fire. No one can resist the charm of fall flavors, not even those who are all bone.”

Price: 300 gems

Duel Field: Ghostrick Mansion

“A field with a mansion that houses a number of decidedly non-human residents. When you touch or startle them, all sorts of things start to rattle and moan. Take care not to leave a mess.”

Price: 600 gems

Protector: Ghostrick Festival

“Protectors that depict a group of ghosts preparing for a festival in the dead of night. They hope you will enjoy not only the festival, but the preparations leading up to it as well.”

Price: 100 gems

Icon Frame: Magic Cylinder

“An Icon Frame that is reminiscent of a cylinder with the magical power to repel your opponent’s attacks. If an attack is deflected and it cannot be deflected in return, cancel it out and you’ll have a chance to win.”

Price: 60 gems

Monster Art: Ghostrick Festival

“A group of ghouls that have gathered in the town square in the dead of night. Even if the decorating and other preparations are still ongoing, once everyone has assembled, the festival will already be in full swing.”

Price: 250 gems

-New Solo Mode: Delightful Dwellers of Darkness

“Ghostricks employ sneaky tactics, such as hiding face-down in Defense Position or popping up in unexpected places, such as the hand. It’s impossible to hate these mischievous scamps, so let’s try to uncover their secrets.”

By completing this Solo Mode, you can obtain:
-300 DARK orbs
-3 copies of Reverse Glasses
-3 copies of Punch-in-the-Box

-Ghostrick Alucard Protectors/Sleeves
-1 Ghostrick Alucard Icon
-2 Legacy Pack Tickets
-200 Gems

“Protectors depicting the master of a mansion that is rumored to be haunted. For those who, quite honestly, would prefer to sleep in peace.”

“An Icon depicting a vampire watching over this boisterous housemates. In no time at all, countless beings have come to rely on him for lodging.”

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