[Master Duel] 11/29 Update

Time to get your Albaz-kun stuff.

-50 million downloads campaign
In order to celebrate 50 million downloads, a new mission can be cleared by logging in. You can obtain 1000 gems with the first login, and a set of Five-Headed Dragon Protectors/Sleeves on the second day.

“Protectors depicting a gigantic dragon born from a five-way fusion. For those who are undaunted by this monster’s 5000 ATK and seek to overpower it.”

Furthermore, a new sale of Gem Packs is available until December 26th, time zones applying.

-New Secret Pack: Alba Abyss
“The Fallen of Albaz transforms into various dragons. His appearance as a Fusion Monster is the culmination of his past experiences. His journey into the abyss has only just begun.”

UR (9/40):

SR (9/40):

R (10/40):

N (12/40):

Despite being a Secret Pack, this pack is already unlocked in the shop until December 26th (time zones applying), and after that date, it can be unlocked like other Secret Packs by pulling certain cards from other packs, or by generating them.

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