[OCG] The Infernity Deck from the Eastern Japan WCQ

Those of you curious what it was? Well don’t be curious any longer!

Player: “yoshix” (Japan has players registered publicly by nicknames as to deal with confidentiality laws.)

2 Summoner Monk
1 Armageddon Knight
2 Stygian Street Patrol
1 Archfiend Heiress
1 Dark Grepher
2 Infernity Necromancer
3 Infernity Archfiend
1 Elemental HERO Bubbleman
1 Elemental HERO Shadow Mist

1 Heavy Storm
1 Reinforcement of the Army
1 Monster Reborn
1 Instant Fusion
2 Mask Change Second
1 Mask Change
2 A Hero Lives
3 Soul Charge
2 Mystical Space Typhoon
1 Foolish Burial
1 Infernity Launcher

1 Bottomless Trap Hole
3 Compulsory Evacuation Device
3 Vanity’s Emptiness
1 Breakthrough Skill
1 Infernity Break
2 Infernity Barrier

1 Masked HERO Acid
2 Masked HERO Dark Law
1 Number 16: Shock Master
1 Number 66: Master Key Beetle
1 Number 80: Rhapsody in Berserk
1 Gagaga Cowboy
2 Lavalval Chain
1 Rare Fish
1 Cairngorgon, Antiluminescent Knight
1 Leviair the Sea Dragon
1 Dire Diamond Wolf
1 Castel the Avian Skyblaster
1 Evilswarm Exciton Knight

Side Deck
3 Ice Hand
1 Wiretap
1 Mystical Space Typhoon
2 Fire Hand
3 Royal Command
2 Dimensional Prison
3 Light-Imprisoning Mirror


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