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[20TH-C] “Malefic” Reprints

Literally every Malefic card that isn’t new got reprinted.

20TH-JPC76 Malefic Stardust Dragon (Ultra Rare)

20TH-JP071 Malefic Cyber End Dragon (Ultra Rare)
20TH-JP072 Malefic Rainbow Dragon (Super Rare)
20TH-JP078 Malefic Truth Dragon (Ultra Rare)

20TH-JP068 Malefic Red-Eyes Black Dragon (Super Rare)
20TH-JP069 Malefic Blue-Eyes White Dragon (Super Rare)
20TH-JPC70 Malefic Parallel Gear (Super Rare)
20TH-JPC74 Malefic World (Super Rare)
20TH-JPC75 Malefic Claw Stream (Super Rare)

Source: Saikyo Jump


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