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Major product news for the TCG

Notes about products until November have been confirmed by Konami.


Notes worthy of highlighting:
-DUEA theme based on Dante’s Inferno is most likely called “Burning Abyss”.
-Mega-Tin’s Mega-packs will have cards from LTGY/JOTL/SHSP/LVAL as confirmed before, but their rarities will not change from their core set counterpart.
-Legendary Collection 5D’s will have the longed reprint of Shooting Quasar Dragon that legalizes its use outside North America in the TCG, as well as a Black Rose Dragon reprint. Furthermore, it has a new card called Stardust Flash and 2 new Nordic Monsters.
-The Noble Knight Box Set we just heard of today will also have Platinum Rare versions of Effect Veiler and Forbidden Lance.

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