General Information from Japanese Product Page Updates (January 19th 2019)

Just some assorted information

Konami confirms “20th Anniversary Legend Collection” is focused on the following:

Cards drawn by Takahashi Kazuki, based on monsters and characters from the original manga

Unreleased and new cards for themes from the Yu-Gi-Oh! movies.

Reprinting cards from the movies (all out of print) and general tournament cards.


SR08-JP024 Magical Citadel of Endymion


The Tagline for Infinity Chasers is:

求めよ!無限なる力。 Motomeyo! Mugen-naru Chikara. (Chase it! Infinite power.)

The Tagline for “Evil Eye”

我が城を汚す者よ、呪眼の前に沈め! Waga Pareidolia wo Kegasumono yo, Selene no mae ni Shizume! (Those who would dare defile our Pareidolia, fall before our Selene!)


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