[MERCHANDISE] New Funko, YouTooz, and UCC goods

In Western Yu-Gi-Oh! merchandise news, a new lineup of Funko POPS, five fuzzy skrunklies, a wee Duel Disk watch, and event-exclusive items becoming available online.

Firstly, Funko have made six new common figures available for pre-order (three characters and three monsters) largely based on Duelist Kingdom and shipping in September. Five are normal size and one (XYZ-Dragon Cannon) is Super-Sized.

Yami Yugi (Duelist Kingdom outfit)Joey Wheeler (Duelist Kingdom outfit)Seto Kaiba (Duelist Kingdom outfit)Time WizardKuriboh, and XYZ-Dragon Cannon

Funko also unveiled a new boxed Pop! T-shirt featuring Red-Eyes Black Dragon in sizes XS-3XL, available for pre-order and shipping in August.


The brothers of legend are more cuddly than ever – stickies of the five Kuriboh brothers (KuribohKuribahKuribehKuriboo, and Kuribee) are releasing at 3pm EST on the 25th of July. You can stick them together (though presumably they don’t combine into Kuribabylon or Kuribandit) or to a magnetic surface.


Visitors to San Diego Comic-Con 2023 can also pick up this exclusive Duel Disk Collectors Watch for $24.99 USD at the UCC Booth #5613.


Don’t forget that Konami are there as well, at KONAMI Booth #3713, where you can play Master Duel and Duel Links to receive a Yu-Gi-Oh! coin and redeem it for a random prize.


And finally, speaking of convention exclusives, Hypland’s AnimeExpo apparel is now available online – for details on the products on offer, see our previous article.


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    With every new funko pop I obtain, I gain the ability to dislocate my jaw another 3 mm

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    To the toon of the Old Spice toon 🎵N~N~No one Cares!🎵

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