The next JUMP promo: Propitious Warrior Lady

The perfect balance between living in the wasteland and being yeeted into the D.D.

Propitious Warrior Lady
Level 3
Note on the name: 新鋭 (shin’ei) is used for something new and excellent. It can be a new product, or a young and energetic person. From the picture, we can infer this is a warrior that has recently been introduced in the ranks, but showing great promise already.

“A monster with great affinity with the cards printed in the World Premiere Pack 2021!!”

The card included in the November issue of V-JUMP will be: Propitious Warrior Lady!!

Propitious Warrior Lady, a Level 3 EARTH/Warrior monster that supports the battles of Warrior-Type monsters will arrive in the November issue of the V-JUMP magazine on sale on November 21st. It also has good affinity with the “Warcry”(War Rock) monsters that focus on battles.

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