[OCG] Link Vrains Pack Commemorative Duelist Gathering

In honor of the launch of Link Vrains Pack, Konami’s doing a new event to get players into this new project.

Event will apparently be running from November 25th to around December 24th, 2017.

It’s split between a merchandise corner, a free play corner, and a corner to play with instructors.

You can bring your favorite Deck to play with and enjoy yourself.

(After that, note that events are subject to change and some might allow no more participants that day if it gets especially crowded, and the like)

Participants get a Field Center Card

The Instructor’s Corner is where you can Duel Instructors and possibly Duel against Decks based on the new Link VRAINS Pack cards. Duelists get 1 Promotion Pack per Duel, and an additional Pack if they Link Summon a monster from Link VRAINS Pack.

Free Play is pretty much what it sounds like, you get to freely play with other Duelists. Participation for each Duel gets another Promotion Pack.

Merchandise Corner is a vendor corner for merchandise. Buy 1500 Yen worth of product (i.e. about 15 Dollars), and you get 1 Set of 20 Sleeves that have been otherwise exclusive to Yu-Gi-Oh! Day.


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