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[Duel Links] D.D. Tower: Water Dimension Event

This time, the door to the Water Dimension has opened. And with it comes a chance to unlock a legendary Siren.

Duel the monsters on each Floor

Defeat all monsters on a floor to earn a reward and move to the next Floor

Changes from last time:

  • You can keep battling monsters even if you lose a Duel (However your LP must not be Zero)
  • Missions have been rebalanced as well as the Mission Points given out
  • Watch out, the D.D. Invader will show up at certain points.
  • Details on Duel Missions can now be checked during Duels with Tower Monsters
  • Your LP will increase equal to the number of friends on a floor in the tower
  • A new exclusive background will be used for Duels in D.D. Tower
  • Fire Dimension Packs are now available in the D.D. Box, so you can get cards you missed out on from the Fire Dimension.

Damage between Duels carries over, LP is restored over time or by using LP Potions

Earn Mission Points by completing Duel Missions given when Dueling against Monsters. Get enough Mission Points, and spend them to obtain D.D. Box rewards

However, the powerful D.D. Invader appears who plays a formidable D.D. Deck, who will supply you with 1 to 4 Mission Points depending on the difficulty, and restore your LP. However, he disappears an hour after appearing, so don’t let him disappear.

Spend 5 Mission Points to get an Item from the Box. There are 17 Items you’ll randomly recieve.

The event’s core monster is “Sirenorca”, who is designed to work with combos like Beatdown.

Other rewards include:

  • Gishki Ariel
  • Gishki Noellia
  • Gishki Emilia
  • Water Girl

Also from the D.D. Box are:

  • Medium of the Ice Barrier
  • Ice Water


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