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[TCG] Week 1: Top 20 Decks and Cards

It’s been a week, lets analyze the changes!

Again, shoutout to our boys at YGO Scope for providing such a sophisticated tool. I’m pretty excited for some of the future features to be ready, but for now, let’s keep doing this the hard way.

Like last time, I’ve manually gone through this data to a pretty excessive amount filtering out things like wins vs a disconnect, or two players with a rating of 100 and one simply flips reincarnation in the standby phase and chains droll to ‘ftk’ him illegally. This data will, like last week, look a bit weird to you guys, but is because of that kind of filtering, as well as a few other steps I’ve taken due to a few inherent pitfalls in how a tool like this works. If your Sky Striker Engage is negated, and no other sky striker cards are played, the tool has no way to know which variant of the deck you were playing, so that too requires a lot of manual checks.

With all that said, lets take a look at week 1, and see how Cybernetic Horizon has impacted the results, if at all.

Top 10 Decks:

  • Zefra (Formerly Unlisted) – 86.9% Win Rate –

This one I’m going to chock up to the tool not being able to recognize zefra as a deck properly, and getting more consolidated results this time. Some of the replays I watched of this deck were insane, including playing through the gouki extra-link + iblee without any handtraps or sphere mode. Pretty cool deck I’d keep an eye on.

  • Gouki HERO (Formerly 1st)

– 80.65% Win Rate with the HERO Variant (78.18% win rate last week),
-63.51% (75.51% last week) with Sky Striker variant.
-68.56% (69.21% last week) without either, or “pure”.

Gouki HERO saw a small uptick in win percent in the last week, as people continue to try more techs and cut the ones that aren’t working. This ‘dark gouki’ variant certainly seems to play through hand traps a lot better than the pure variant, and the sky striker variant is taking a beating due to the increased number of rivalry/gozen cards entering the meta as true dracos and altergeist gain popularity in the recent days. The SPYRAL variant had only 10 people use it, so the sample size is honestly too small to be significant, but it did lose 7 of those matches.

  • Frogs – 73.1% ( 70.73% win rate last week)

A slight increase over last week, the paleozoic and sky striker engines seem to still be performing very well in this deck and its usage has also gone up quite a bit. No time limits is almost certainly a factor, as well as the fact people still don’t respect this deck as an actual threat in the format.

  • Mermail (Formerly Unlisted) – 72.22% win rate

I’m not sure why or how this deck jumped up so far, but its numbers are significantly higher than they were in last weeks results. When we get to individual cards perhaps something will stick out.

  • True Draco (Formerly 2nd)

– 68.99% (72.09% last week) Without Monarch backrow
– 64.71% (76.47% last week) With Monarch backrow

Now in 5th, the masses are running things like twin twisters even in their main decks now to combat the strategy of turboing into rivalry and gozen match. This decks dominance has been balanced out but it still holds a top 5 position. Interestingly, the monarch variant dropped more than the pure one. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s the same thing, people having twisters for erupt.

  • Altergeist (Formerly 7th) – 68.53% win rate (formerly 62.02)

More of the ‘good’ players switching over to this deck due to its massive advantage in so many matchups has raised both its usage and win percentages a fair amount this week. People main decking things like twintwister to weaken their decks also doing nothing but helping Altergeists turn games into simple gamestates and grinds.

  • Sky Striker Pure 63.54% win rate (formerly 65.52)

Hayate is now legal, yet this decks win rate actually went down. Just not as much as its trickstar cousin.

  • Sky Striker Trickstars 63.11% win rate (formerly 66.43%)

A rise in the usage of altergeist and gozen/rivalry makes this deck suffer even more than the pure one.

  • Cyber Dragons (Formerly Unlisted) – 61.5% win rate

Megafleet and Cybernetic Horizon combine in the games newest deck that still has that new factor that makes people not know how to use their negations properly. I’ll be very surprised if this deck stays up this high next week.

  • Burning abyss (Formerly 9th) – 59.15%

Still squeaking in is the deck that never dies. Not much to say except that the infernoid variants had the best results. They simply served to raise an otherwise below 50% average.

Also worth mentioning is that Burning Abyss and Dark World both tried Danger! out to incredibly poor results. Burning Abyss Danger had a 49.15% win rate and Danger! World had a 0% win rate. That is not a typo.


Top 20 Main Deck Cards by win rate:

  • Zefraath – 90.94%
  • Zefra Providence – 90.1%
  • Zefraniu, Secret of the Yang Zing – 89.4%
  • Mermail Abyssnerei – 88%
  • Secret Village of the Spellcasters – 83.33%
  • Amano-Iwato – 78.05%
  • Neptabyss, the Atlantean Prince – 78.0%
  • Gallis the Star Beast – 77.42%
  • Gouki Bearhug – 76.92%
  • Armageddon Knight – 76.74%
  • Paleozoic Canadia – 75.76%
  • Infernoid Devyaty – 75.75%
  • True King’s Return – 75.29%
  • Soul Charge – 75%
  • Mermail Abyssmegalo – 75%
  • One for One – 74.36%
  • Darkest Diabolos, Lord of the Lair – 73.97%
  • Evenly Matched – 73.89%
  • Mermail Abyssgunde – 73.68%
  • Mermail Abssteus – 73.53%

Top 20 Extra Deck Cards by win rate:

  • Tri-Gate Wizard – 82.98%
  • Topologic Gumblar Dragon – 79.49%
  • Invoked Mechaba – 77.48%
  • Firewall Dragon – 76.81%
  • Altergeist Hexstia – 75.33%
  • Summon Sorceress – 75.19%
  • Knightmare Goblin – 75.13%
  • Knightmare Mermaid 75.0%
  • Borrelsword Dragon 75.0%
  • Knightmare Unicorn – 74.87%
  • PSY-Framelord Omega – 74.65%
  • Invoked Raidjin – 74.51%
  • Toadally Awesome – 74.47%
  • Underclock Taker – 74.06%
  • Knightmare Cerberus – 74.05%
  • Ningirsu the World Chalice Warrior – 73.68%
  • Mistar Boy – 73.33%
  • Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon – 71.05%
  • Linkuriboh – 70.44%
  • Knightmare Phhoenix – 68.47%

We’ve seen almost a disappearance in mekk-knights as the new link monster attracts players to the deck. Zefra and Mermail cards have taken a massive upswing in popularity and win rate.

Tier 1 Decks (>2000 decklists analyzed):

  • Pure Sky Striker – 21.4% of the field
  • Gouki – 17.4%
  • Altergeist – 12.7%
  • Sky Striker Trickstar – 8.95%
  • True Draco – 6.35%
  • All other Decks make up the remaining 35% which is a 5% increase in the amount of people playing Tier 1 decks.

Tier 1 Matchups:

Sky Striker

  • Sky Striker -> Gouki- 33.33% Win Rate
  • Sky Striker -> Altergeist – 41.67% Win Rate
  • Sky Striker -> Sky Striker Trickstar – 60.05% Win Rate
  • Sky Striker -> True Draco – 45.45% Win Rate


  • Gouki -> Altergeist – 42.86% Win Rate
  • Gouki -> Sky Striker Trickstar – 56.25% Win Rate
  • Gouki -> True Draco – 61.54% Win Rate


  • Altergeist -> Sky Striker Trickstar – 66.78%
  • Altergeist -> True Draco – 57.14%

Sky Striker Trickstar

  • Sky Striker Trickstar -> True Draco – 64%


Some pretty incredible changes from last week! Looks like Altergeist gained some representation numbers, but still have surprisingly low usage considering its ability to win vs every single matchup. It also looks like although Gouki fell to 2nd place they’re still the correct choice as far as their win rates vs the most popular decks. True Dracos win rates fell off a cliff this week compared to last.  Mermails didn’t have enough people used to make the Tier 1 list (requires at least 100 unique people playing the deck before given consideration) but its winrates are rather strong vs the trickstar and true draco decks.


Huge thanks and shoutout to our friends at for compiling such valuable information!


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