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[Legendary Decks II] The Time of Kaiba

Konami has revealed cards included in Kaiba’s Legendary Deck this time around. And his is based on a mono-focus of Blue-Eyes, both for the fact he has an upcoming Structure Deck, and it’s premise as a “What if Kaiba kept Dueling to modern day.”

LDK2-ENK01 Blue-Eyes White Dragon (Anime Artwork)
LDK2-ENK01 Blue-Eyes White Dragon (Legend of Blue-Eyes White Dragon Artwork)
LDK2-ENK01 Blue-Eyes White Dragon (Tablet Artwork)
LDK2-ENK04 The White Stone of Legend
LDK2-ENK16 Kidmodo Dragon
LDK2-ENK39 Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon
LDK2-ENK40 Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (Ultra Rare)
LDK2-ENK41 First of the Dragons

Numbers Unknown

LDK2-ENKXX Kaibaman
LDK2-ENKXX Maiden with Eyes of Blue (Ultra Rare)
LDK2-ENKXX Master with Eyes of Blue
LDK2-ENKXX The White Stone of Ancients
LDK2-ENKXX The Melody of Awakening Dragon (Ultra Rare)
LDK2-ENKXX Enemy Controller
LDK2-ENKXX Ancient Rules
LDK2-ENKXX Shadow Spell
LDK2-ENKXX Fusion Reserve



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