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[HeroSync] Final Two Weeks

Ending May 4th, I wanted to do an update and thank everyone so far

Hey everyone.

Naturally, I don’t want to do very many HeroSync posts on this site. It’s about Yu-Gi-Oh! and I fully understand that not everyone who visits this site will care about our game, but we do, and we want to reach out to you about why we hope you would too. That said, this will be the last HeroSync post on

Since the launch of the big countdown timer at the top of the site, We’ve been constantly at work in The Discord Server providing updates and lore about the game, that we haven’t been posting here on the site to try and stick to our core purpose, but if you’re interested to check that out, head on over and see the #announcements channel, or read the #faq.

I also did a video interview with Cyberknight over on his youtube channel for those who prefer more of a video overview of what’s going on.

I wanted to keep this post brief so I’ll leave it at this, but how to play, some example cards, and more are all found within the video and the discord server. We hope to hear from some of you guys!

Thank you so much to all of you who have pitched in to help so far. Without you this game wouldn’t be possible!

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