The Last Yu-Gi-Oh! Cafe Menu Items and Cafe Goods

So do you like Burger World from the manga? I like Burger World from the manga.

Kuriboh – Kuriboh & Winged Kuriboh Mont Blanc – 908 Yen – Chocolate Mont Blanc, Mont Blanc and Fresh Cream

Anzu – Anzu’s “If You Squeal…” Burger – 815 Yen – Cheeseburger



Official Licensed Goods sold at the Yu-Gi-Oh! Cafe

You get a Badge at random for 500 Yen
A random Acrylic Ball Chain for 600 Yen
A random Acrylic Diorama Stand for 800 Yen
Clear File (A4 Size) 600 Yen
B1 Size Posters 980 Yen


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