[RDS] Story 6: The “Talismanic Warriors”

Heian era stuff is always pretty bueno.


Talismanic Seal Array

Talismanic Warriors are Onmyoshi who seal the evil spirits of the rivers and mountains, that torment humanity, using the power of “Gyo (行)”, that has been assembled over centuries of research and study. They either use special techniques with the power of Gyo to imbue Hitogata with energy or direct that energy into their swords to help them oppose the evil spirits.

FIRE: Karatake the Talismanic Warrior

WATER: Shitotsu the Talismanic Warrior

EARTH: Miginagi the Talismanic Warrior

WIND: Sakakaze the Talismanic Warrior

The Form Of Those Who Have Mastered The Jutsu: “The Talismanic Sages Supreme”

Those who have raised the power of Gyo to its uttermost limits are called “Talismanic Sages Supreme”. According to the records that remain, the only ones who have reached this state are “Dohma” and “Kuzuha”, whose techniques now transcend humanity.

Dohma the Talismanic Sage Supreme

Kuzuha the Talismanic Sage Supreme

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