[OCG] Yu-Gi-Oh! Related Events at Jump Festa 2015

Four clips from Weekly Jump it looks.

Tag Force Special demo available to play.

Trying out the game earns you one JF2015 Promo Pack.
Game has over 7000 cards.
And you get a password at JF to to use for the game.

Women and Elementary School or younger children can get their pictures taken and become Token Cards. No teenage boys or adult men allowed.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Event with 4 Formats
– No Age Restriction
– Middle School Students Only
– Elementary School Students Only
– Women Only

Entering gets you 1 JF2015 Promo Pack, winning 3 times in a row gets you 5 JF2015 Promo Packs

Alternatively you can Duel one of the Charisma Duelists (Shueisha’s cosplaying folks)

If you win, you get 2 JF2015 Promo Packs, if you lose, you get 1 JF2015 Promo Pack

Source: Weekly Shonen Jump, Maxut

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