July 12th, 2023 [Deck Recipes]

Monarchs are eternal

[RUSH DUEL] New Product Deck: “Monarch” Deck Featuring “Raiza the Stormach Monarch”

3 Wilhel the Mega Monarch
3 Estrome the Mega Monarch
1 Raiza the Storm Monarch (LEGEND)
3 Wilhel the Wisdom Monarch
3 Zuse the Wisdom Vassal
1 Estrome the Star Monarch
3 Herbe the Star Vessel
3 Amazing Dealer
1 Barrier Statue of the Inferno
2 Voidvelgr Kataphraktos
3 Black Handshaker

1 Emperor Realm
3 Pot of Arrogance
2 Universtorm
1 Dark Hole (LEGEND)

2 Nativity of the Monarchs
2 Machinations of the Monarchs
1 Mirror Force (LEGEND)
1 Nobody Scatthief

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