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[Duel Links] Rise of Yubel – The Ultimate Nightmare

A new event is underway, allowing players to unlock Yubel from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX as a playable character and obtain various other rewards.

The event works similar previous events featuring Yami Marik and the like. Players obtain event items (called “Shattered Hearts” in this case) from Duel World Duels and Ranked Duels. These can then be used to Duel Yubel at the special event Gate. Dueling Yubel earns you Event Points, which unlock rewards including Yubel themselves. The event will run until September 24th.

At certain thresholds, events featuring “Duel Ghouls” appear. These zombified Duel Academy students can then be Dueled to further the story and prompt Yubel’s first appearance.

Yubel’s starter Deck includes a copy of “Yubel”. Starting September 18th, Yubel can be Dueled at Level 50 if you have reached a certain point threshold. A victory here for the first time rewards a copy of “Yubel – Terror Incarnate”. Additionally, starting September 24th, Level 60 Yubel is unlocked at a higher point threshold and rewards “Yubel – The Ultimate Nightmare” upon their first defeat.

Event Missions can be completed by both Dueling and defeating Yubel at various levels. These rewards EX Jewels. Yubel can drop EX Jewels, which can be exchanged at the EX Card Trader for Yubel’s drop cards, booster items, gold and a few cards from previous events like Pick-A-Gift, such as “Eternal Rest” and “Intrigue Shield”. EX Jewels expire on October 1st.

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