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[Duel Links] Jesse Andersen Event

The master of the 7 crystals of Caesar arrives along with his family. But Rainbow Dragon hasn’t been programmed in yet, according to him.

You’ll meet Jesse as he spawns in Duel Links, as you defeat the various Duelists on the map, there’s chances he’ll appear. However, he has yet to arrive as a playable Duelist.

Level 40 Rewards

Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger (SR)
Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth (SR)
Phantom Skyblaster (SR)
Crystal Beacon (SR)
Rainbow Life (SR)
Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle (R)
Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat (R)
Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle (R)
Crystal Tree (R)
Triggered Summon (R)

Event Missions:

Duel Jesse 15 Times: Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger
Win against Jesse 7 Times: Crystal Beacon
Win against Jesse 3 Times: Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat
Win against Jesse 1 Time: Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle
Win against Jesse without taking Damage: Trigger Summoned
Tribute Summon 3 Times in Duels against Jesse: Crystal Tree


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