[Japan] Various Yu-Gi-Oh! Related Goods

I need a better title for these articles. But more anniversary related products for fans of the anime have been announced in Japan.


The Special Present for ordering the Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions Blu-Ray from select stores has been revealed. And it’s a poster of Kaiba, Yugi and Aigami.



At Jump Festa 2017, Chugai Mining is confirmed to be selling Acrylic Key Holders for 100 Yen plus tax (100 mm vs 100 mm)

  • Yami Yugi
  • Dark Magician
  • Seto Kaiba
  • Blue-Eyes White Dragon




As well, Chugai Mining is offering Yu-Gi-Oh! Themed Blankets (4000 Yen) that measure 735 mm by 1000 mm

There’s a Yami Yugi & Dark Magician version and a Seto Kaiba and Blue-Eyes White Dragon version.



Meanwhile, Movic JP is offering a “Big Cushion Cover” based on Seto Kaiba for 10,000 Yen. The ordering date for this product is limited between October 25th, 2016 to November 16th, 2016.


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