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[Japan] New Items for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Cafe Extension

Including Shark’s hospital food.

In addition to the current items, the following has been added:


Millennium Eye Soup (850 Yen)
Corn Potage Soup + Croissant + Butter + Lettuce + Tomato + Monaka

Spicy Red Daemon’s Noodle (880 Yen)
Ramen + Mianma + Kamaboko with Spiral Pattern + Leeks + Spinach + Yakibuta + Sausage + Kimchi Stew Base

Revive! Therapeutic Meal Before the Revival Duel! (800 Yen)
Potato Salad + Bread Roll + Stew + Melon Sorbet + Green Tea

Reiji’s Trap Sweets “Dark Contract with the Berry” act.2 (800 Yen)
Strawberry Cake + Strawberry Jell-O + Strawberry-ade + Strawberry + Mint + Fresh Cream + Sugar

The Great and Mighty Crow the Bullet Fires Once More!! (630 Yen)
Orange Juice + Blue Hawaii Pineapple Jell-O + Fresh Cream + Milk + Cocoa Powder + Mango Sauce

You’ve Pissed Me Off! Shark’s Imperial Wrath! (630 Yen)
Grape-Ade + Blue Hawaii Syrup + Sprite + Blue Berries + Fresh Cream + Grape Jell-O



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