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Adores’ Yu-Gi-Oh! Cafe’s October Run (Goods and Menu Items)

Reminder: This is officially backed by Shueisha and the like.


Badges: 14 Different Kinds, 500 Yen each (Chosen at Random)
Chibi Acrylic Ball Chains: 14 Different Kinds, 600 Yen each (Chosen at Random)
A4 Clear File: 600 Yen
B1 Sized Poster: 980 Yen

An Original Coaster (1 At Random) with any Meal Order (i.e. Drinks, Desert, Food)

An Original Foot Mat (1 at Random) with any Food Order (i.e. Food or Desert)

Anyone who buys 3000 Yen or more worth of Food can enter a lottery to get a Stand Panel of one of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Protagonists.

Yugi, Judai, Manjome, Yusei, Jack, Kaito and Yuya’s Drinks return with the same set ups as last time during the previous run.

Kaiba is 粉砕、玉砕、大喝采!(Fall, Die Honorably, Applaud!) (630 Yen)
Ginger Ale + Blue Hawaii Syrup + Fresh Cream + Pink Grape Fruit Aid + Pineapple Plus Argent

Jounouchi’s Drink is Dark Mega Flare (630 Yen):
Cola + Strawberry Sauce + Cassis Sorbet + Monaka + Argent + Monaka

Yuma’s Drink is The One That’s Gonna High Five the Soda Sky! Is Me!! (630 Yen)
Pink Grape Aid + Strawberry Aid + Soda + Fresh Cream + Pineapple Jell-O + Sugar + Cherry


The main menu items return with Anzu’s Death Threat Burger, Kiryu’s Past,  and Utopia’s Omelet Rice. New Items include:

Kaiba’s New dish for 800 Yen:
Oden + Mustard + Parsley + Basil

Jounouchi Special! Friendship Curry! (815 Yen)
Curry Rice + Beef + Onions

Judai’s new Rice Ball Item: “Salmon Summon! Ms. Tome’s Special Night-Time Rice Balls” (800 Yen)
Salmon Rice Ball + Plum Rice Ball + Okaka Rice Ball + Pickled Radish

Yuya’s Goggle Salad (800 Yen):
Tomato + Meetball + Hot Sauce + Potato Salad + Ham + Minced Cheese + Green Leafs.


For Desserts the Kuriboh Deally and Sora’s Ice Cream/Pudding Fusion Return.

Marshallon’s Yummy-Yummy Marshmallow Toast (800 Yen):
Toast + Marshmallow + Cocoa Powder + Chocolate Sauce + Fresh Cream + Monaka

Blue-Eyes White Dragon’s Burst Stream Parfeit of Destruction (880 Yen):
Pineapple Jell-O + Corn Flakes + Lemon Pop Ice Cream + Strawberries + Blue Hawaii Syrup + Argent + Monaka

Shingo’s Sweet Milk Apple Berry Pie with Honey (830 Yen)
Apple Pie + Fresh Cream + Blue Berries + Honey + Carmel Souce + Topping Nuts + Mint



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