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[Japan] Jump Festa 2018 Details

The main thing I think of importance for people here is the live YouTube feed and the “Latest News” stage.

Jump Festa 2018

Date: December 16th & 17th (9 AM to 5 PM) (Last Visitors are 4:30 PM)
Location: Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall 1 to 8
No Admission Fee

For Middle School or younger visitors, they’ll be given the following as a gift for visiting:
■ Special Clear File Folder (the back can be used as a Speed Duel Field)
■ Code Talker

Konami Main Stage

Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS Voice Actor Special Duel Stage (16th and 17th)

The voice actors for Yusaku/Playmaker, Revolver, Aoi/Blue Angel, and Go will be attending, performing passionate Duels for attendees.

Complete Experience! Monster Summon! Stage (16th to 17th)

A Contest for coming up with Summon Chants for “Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS”. Make the chant in front of Playmaker, Revolver, Blue Angel and Go’s Voice Actors.

11:00 Lottery Entry
12:30 End of Lottery Entry
13:45 Results Determined

Summonable Monsters:
■ Decode Talker
■ Encode Talker
■ Excode Talker
■ Powecode Talker
■ Firewall Dragon
■ Borreload Dragon

Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game Latest News Stage (16th and 17th)

■ Tsuda, Kenjiro
■ Senjoume
■ Shironos
■ Ryusei
■ Coin Tossnosuke
■ Master Akauma
■ Ivalver

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX Voice Actor Stage (17th Only)

Special Guest Talk Show
The voice actors of Judai, Manjoume and Misawa will be attending.

There will also be a Duel Links Corner where you can Duel KENN, the voice actor of Judai.

Duel Links Charisma Duel Tournament (16th Only)
Face off against the V Jump Charisma Duelists

Duel Links Beat Gokibore Stage (16th and 17th Only)

Beat Gokibore Kawashima (a Charisma Duelist)

Duel Links Corner

Enjoy experiencing Duel Links as well as a Photo Corner.

Duel Links Duelist Meeting in JF2018

Duel with your own mobile Device.

There’s 2 person battles, four people mini tournaments and even a ladies only area!

A special Sleeve (a Digital Item in Duel Links) is being offered as a prize!

Duel Links “Duel with KENN-san” Decisive Battle! (17th Only)
Go through a tournament to be one of 2 people to Duel KENN-san.

9:00 Lottery Entry Starts
10:00 Lottery Entry Ends/Participant Selection
10:15 Duel Tournament
11:30 The Two Participants Are Decided

Official Card Game Battle Corner

Challenge the Knights of Hanoi!

Bring your own Deck to Duel the Knights of Hanoi!
Can you stop the assault of the Knights of Hanoi?!

Participant Gift: Promotion Pack (3 Packs)

Duelist Tournament ~ “Playmaker” VS “Revolver” ~

Join Team “Playmaker” or Team “Revolver”, using your own Deck! Participants get a Promotion Pack. Also, if your team wins, you’ll get more Promotion Packs.

Distribution Stage “Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Channel”
Jump Festa will be aired Live on the “Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Channel” on YouTube

Goods Corner


■ Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Duel Monsters Duel Field Cyberse (2000 Yen)
■ Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Duel Monsters Duel Field Trickstar (2000 Yen)

For every purchase of 1500 Yen (around 15 Dollars), you’ll get 20 Sleeves of one of the following:

■ Fujiki Yusaku & Decode Talker
■ Playmaker & Firewall Dragon



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