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Halifax Regionals Top 8 Decklists

I’ve asked players many times if they would like to see their decklists featured; and quite often they say yes – and then don’t do it. Today I bring you the 1st and 3rd place Decklists from the Halifax Regionals, as the other 6 still haven’t gotten back to me. I’ll be updating this post with their decklists later on so be sure to check back. Have you topped a regional and would like to be featured? We’re looking to feature more TCG decklists so just reach out to us, we’d love to hear from you.

1st place Tellarknights – Jonathan Steeves

mvp for main deck was definitely call of the haunted with the ability to give so much advantage off of 1 card, and mind crush super secret tech for cliffords.
extra deck mvp was gandiva with the ability for first turn against burning abyss, minimizing their big board plays

side deck, would have to be fairy winds as cliffords definitely proved powerful with the new support.”


3rd place Burning abyss – Jeremy thibeau

link to his tournament report can be found here.

The top 4 played it out, and Jeremy got 2nd place. This 4th place decklist came 1st after the top cut

Matthew Turner, Qliphorts

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