[VBEX2 Lore] Number 8: “Magikey”

Remember, no matter how cute or draconic the demons get, evil is not a toy. (Probably).



The wandering Skyblaster “Clavkiys”. After a chance encounter with the “tiny keygun, Maftea”, who has a mind of its own, he forges a contract with it, and sets out on a journey to face his destiny…

The “Magikey” Opens The Doors To Demon Worlds

Clavkiys, the Magikey Skyblaster

Magikey World
“Clavkiys” opens doors connected to demon worlds using his bracelet and the “Magikey”, gaining powers by forging provisional contracts with the demon lords sealed away on the other side.

Magikey Maftea

Maginificent Magikey Mafteal
The True Form of the Sealed “Magikey”
A magical item with a mind of its own, it has a loud-mouthed and cheeky personality. But the true identity of the mind behind the item is that of a fragment of a sealed “Great Demon King”.

Magikey Battle
“Clavikys” and Maftea confront various demon lords who are being used by someone or something. But every time Clavikys defeats them using forbidden power, he loses a bit of his body and mind…

Terrifying foes and the backlash of using the “Demonic Powers”
Magikey Locking

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The Great Powers Received From The Doors To The Demon Worlds

The powers of the demon lords lie in the “Magikey”
Magikey Mechmusket – Batosbuster
A form that the “Magikey” transforms into, using the power of a demon lord to fire upon enemies. After transforming, “Maftea” seems to get more chatty than usual.

Magikey Mechmortar – Garesglasser
The “Magikey” changes shape in all sorts of ways depending on the attribute and court rank of the demon lords dwelling inside him. It also changes the burden on “Clavkiys” accordingly.
Using the demonic beasts themselves

Magikey Beast – Ansyalabolas

Magikey Dragon – Andrabime
Clavkiys manifests a copy of the demon lord as a demonic beast, and uses it as a servant. The demon-magical compatibility between the demon lord and “Clavkiys” is also important, but it’s also important for him to make sure “Maftea” and the summoned demon lord don’t squabble and get into a fight…
Wielding The Power Of Demon Lords With His Own Body

Magikey Spirit – Vepartu

Magikey Avatar – Astartu
A form close to a true contract, which can only be forged with a demon lord who is both friendly and who you are compatible with in terms of demon-magic. Even “Clavkiys”‘ body changes.
The Demon Lord’s Power Runs Rampant!?

Magikey Fiend – Transfurlmine
By offering one’s body, a demon lord can temporarily arise once more via incarnation. While this is the most powerful of these provisional contracts, it’s the most dangerous as there’s a chance “Clavkiys” himself could be hijacked by the Demon Lord.

Secret Image

Full art:


Top left: “Envisioning of Clavkiys and the gun”
Top left mode:
-Right: “Gun mode”
-Left: “While shooting, the muzzle extends”
Bottom-right mode: “Key mode”


“On the larger side”


“Somewhat retro style, and matching Clavkiys’ outfit”

End of chapter

Thanks to Jeanne_BT/NSE_Jalter for the artwork and clear text.

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