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2018 Holiday Charity Event

Konami is taking part in a holiday charity event to help the poor and needy who might not have food for the holiday season.

Find an Official Tournament Store that’s hosting this special Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME event!

Have fun and Duel for a good cause! Bring 5 cans* of food to a participating Official Tournament Store and receive entry to the Holiday Charity Event. Duelists will stake 1 can of food per round against their opponent, and at the end of the tournament trade their cans for the same amount of packs!

Please contact the location directly for more information.

*Cans must be sealed, with a minimum content of 10.5 OZ and an expiration date after 02/01/2019

Check the official web page for the event, to see if your store is particpating.

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